Mix of Traditional & Digital media

As consumers, we sometimes find ourselves in a conundrum when it comes to how get our information. Now-a-day, more and more consumers use the internet to quickly find information, making new media advertising pertinent for any type of business.

However, at the same time, consumers still take a good chunk of time out of their day to use traditional media. On the way to work we have our radios playing, at home we have the television on watching the news, and at the doctor’s office we find ourselves reading the magazine on the end table next to us. Each of these are forms of traditional advertising that we use on a daily basis.

As consumers, we may also find that there are instances when we multitask each day. Take it from experience, there are many times when I’ll be at home watching television and at the same time I’ll be on my tablet looking up the next vacation I’m going to take.

How to mix traditional and digital media







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