Digital media role in Tourism Industry


Travel and tourism industry has seen a lot during recent years. The changing technology at a fast pace and upcoming recent trends and developments have totally changed the face of the tourism industry. One such important factor in the changing face of the tourism industry is the social media. In recent years, there has been a significant business growth through digital media as well as the overall growth of global tourism. Thus, digital media plays a vital role in tourism industry.

Let us take a look at how digital media has changed tourism-

1) Information Transfer – In the early times, there was no perfect medium to spread out the information with more number of people in the world. With the emergence of social media, it has become very easy to share the information around the globe. Every recent trend happening in the industry can be reached out to millions of people through different tools of social media.

 2) Feedback – This is one of the most important part where social media has change the face of tourism. Feedback is very important in the travel and tourism industry. With the tools like Facebook reviews and Instagram Business, people can easily give their feedback on the hotels, cafes and other places they have visited. This has led the travel agents and hotel owners to review the feedback and work for the best travel experience. Thus, the influence of social media and internet has changed the overall customer service model in the tourism industry.

3) Time – Digital media has definitely paved a way to save time for things in travel and tourism industry. In the earlier times, people needed to travel and search for the perfect hotels and destinations which eventually led to disappointment sometimes. But with the emergence of travel and tourism apps, it is very easy to search for the best restaurant in the town and much more.

4)International Relations – With the emergence of tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, people can easily reach out to a larger number of the audience around the globe. This has led to a notable rise in the international relations of the countries. Travel and tourism is continuing promoted in the countries across the globe, thus leading to better international relations and collaborations with each other. Different travels companies have started tie-ups to increase their customer base and overall travel experience. This has led to a vital growth in global tourism as well.


5) Loyalty Programs – With the effective use of social media tools, travel agents and companies can now easily have a customer base at their hands. These tools have greatly shaped the future of loyalty programs for the customer. Travel agents can now effectively provide the loyalty programs and offer to their customer with the tools of social media and retain them for a longer period of time.

6) Keeping Up – Digital media has definitely helped the tourism industry to keep up with the recent trends and technology in this ever changing scenario. There are numerous applications coming out every day to help out customer as well as the travel agents to effectively do the business. Also, with these tools, travel agents are making sure to give the best travel experience to people.

 7) Tourism Marketing – Digital media has changed the game of marketing in the tourism sector. In earlier times, mouth publicity was the only medium for marketing. But with the recent social media tools, the tourism marketing has taken a boost in the market. Many travel agents and companies are now endorsing their products through social media to reach out to a larger number of audiences.  It has helped for a significant growth through social media in the tourism industry.

8) Blogs – Digital media has opened  a way for people to communicate with millions of other people through the blogs and tools. Also, now a days every travel and tourism company has their own blogs to promote their tours and content for people . And the analytics tools help these companies to devise the number of people reading their content and much more. This has also led to a rise in a number of more people opting for different tours, just by reading the  content on the blogs. This has been one of the major social media effects on tourism.

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