Digital Media For Real Estate And Its Benefits!!

Real Estate sector, relatively dark area. Since long this sector has  been seen as a monotonous development of inventory which lacked dearth of innovation. There can be various ways real estate can be marketed differently. The most common & preferable is costliest “Traditional Media “. But in this age where eyeballs of your targeted customers are constantly looking for innovative designs, structures and facilities ,the key to good marketing is how differently you can sell it.

Today in the age of Digital Marketing Real Estate is not lacking behind in catching up to this trend. Today, the digital presence of real estate in Social media is commendable. Even though Real Estate has dipped its feet in digital marketing, there is a long way yet to be traversed before we can proudly hoist the victory flag.

The modern customer is the intelligent customer. He is very much aware and well informed about his buys. He researches on projects, brokers, new properties, etc. online before buying. Thereby, making digital marketing and the importance of a sound digital presence the most lucrative option for the real estate fraternity.

With the advent of the digital age, the customer’s trend has also changed and also there has been a major shift in the trend of social media behavior of the brands in the Digital World.

Initially, the social media presence of a brand was restricted to establishing the brand online, which was a very generic approach driven by the mob mentality. Now brands and Real Estate houses are shifting to specialized communication with their customers. Where they are developing the language of the brand and trying to reach out to their customers through Social Media platforms.

Innovations of social media communication like blogs, gifs and interactive media , presentation is being used to attract the buyers giving them an experience based end product and a transparent buyer-seller relationship. Before bringing customer to them , Brands have already provided a platform to customer where by he has already experienced a brand / company before buying.

Digital Media opens windows to a whole different arena of communication. One of the biggest boons of Social Media is that it allows real time communication, which paves way to immediate customer feedback and customer reactions. This allows the brand to gauge the customer’s mind-set and understand their customers better.

Today every real estate organizations is using social media as one of the key mediums to update their target audience about the product launches and available discount offers.

There has been a momentous change in Real Estate marketing on a whole. Previously real estate marketing was a more of a one-way communication where the brands were bombarding their audience with information. With the advent of the digital medium, there has been a shift in the core idea of Real Estate Marketing. Now the entire marketing campaign revolves around the buyer, where the primary motive is to interact with the consumers so that they can achieve a better understanding of the consumer’s psyche.

Real Estate players have also understood the importance of reviews that are written on Social Media pages and portals also Real Estate brands are using social media as a tool to garner trust of their customers, and it is only obvious that a happy customer leads to a conversion.

Buying a house or a property is one of the biggest investments a person makes in a lifetime, and the digital medium has helped the customers make the right choice by passing information and allowing the customer to weigh their choices and compare.

With the country’s current cash deficit, the face of Real Estate marketing is yet going to change where Social Media is going to be exploited and explored to the fullest extent.

Observed that Old generation of Real estate developers are still not very much inclined , but the new breed knows the importance of customer and its expectation this days, which implies them to build a brand by taming customer satisfaction and brand experience !!!!!

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