Different Types of Digital Marketing Channels

New generation Types of digital marketing channels run your business.


In this age of click, I am surprised to see any one and every one talk about the most happening “Media” today that is Digital media.

Actually they fail to understand the mediums / Channels, their effectiveness and output efficiency. And the utmost important is they miss every important aspect of marketing / branding through this channels and they tend to show they know every thing.

Maximum people have an idea that digital Market place Means only Facebook. Even Facebook has lots of insight where without proper Strategy nothing will work.

Today let me share with you different Types of digital marketing channels.

As technology has become a part and parcel of our daily lives, these channels are now one of the most popular means of marketing, both efficiently and effectively. To flourish your business in a world run through technology, being acquainted with the Digital Marketing Channels is a necessity to you.

Let’s get a brief idea of what digital marketing channel is. As the name suggests it is related to marketing channels on digital platform like the internet, mobile, SMS, digital live advertisements etc. Following are few   types of digital marketing channels.

Display advertising:

Display advertising is nowadays a widespread channel for digital marketing. These are advertising that we often see while surfing or reading emails. The channels work by displaying graphically designed or visual advertisements put on websites, messengers or other virtual media or any Portal / Website/Video.

A good example can be an advertisement of another game while browsing or playing one game using the internet on your android phone or desktop. The effectiveness of such adverts is measured based on total unique clicks.

However, these advertisements use special techniques such as demographics, interests, geographic locations, frequent visits and what not – to find prospective consumer and show the relevant display ad.

Email marketing:

If we see all Types of digital marketing channels – the next popular medium is Email marketing. We all are quite familiar with the word email or electronic mail.

As the name suggests, you market your products and services through emails. Designing emails draft and newsletter and collecting clients emails can get time consuming and there is also no guarantee that people will open those emails.

However, this a very good medium for companies who has a limited budget. Often, we receive promotional emails during various festivals, and what not from banks and other merchants through email. This is a bright example of email marketing.

Social media Marketing:

The next big channel is social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Whats app, Instagram , Pinterest , Skype, Instagram, and similar mediums.

These channels are used to create community by letting users interact with each other. Then advertisements are shown to these engaged users. Facebook has now become a big business medium.

Affiliate marketing:

Another form of digital channel marketing is affiliate marketing where companies get affiliated with one or more websites to display their advertisements for a pre agreed sales commissions.

These give company’s huge exposure for almost free of cost. For example, I am a television dealer I can advertise my product on bikroy.com for a certain percentage.

PPC marketing:

Pay per click is also a quick and easy channel for digital marketing. Pay per click channeling work based on certain actions agreed by companies to affiliate websites that if occurred, a certain commission will be charged, For instance, for a thousand click daraz.com might charge a mobile dealer 1000 taka.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Nowadays, the most popular digital marketing channel is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to optimizing a website for a search engine’s unpaid results.

It can be easily done by using certain keywords defining the content of your website. Such as optimizing your browser with search engine google.

SEO whenever someone searches something in google for something that you have, google will bring your website up.

SMS /Whats App marketing:

Another type of digital channel marketing is SMS/Whats App marketing. SMS is the full form for Short Message System where different promotional offers are sent out to million users.


Conclusion :

Even though all these channels are good, but you need to have a certain plan or goal because, without proper strategy and proper measurement of outcome, digital channel advertising will be impossible. Only optimal use of such tool will ensure a strong position against all competitors as everyone is now turning digital.

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